King Elara (204 BC – 164 BC)

After capturing the throne of Lanka, Elara ruled the country justly. He ruled the country for 44 years. King Elara had a bell hanging near his bed. If someone feels that injustice was done to him, that person could ring this bell.

Story of young calf:
While King Elara’s son was going to Tissa reservoir in a chariot, he accidentally went over a calf. The cow, (mother of the calf) went and rang the bell. King Elara found out that his son had killed a calf, ordered him to death same exact way the calf died.

Old woman and the rice story:
An old woman laid rice in her backyard to dry them. Unfortunately unseasonal rain destroyed the rice. The old woman complained to King Elara that an out of season rain destroyed her rice. King Elara started a fast stating that gods should provide rain only during the rainy season. Sakka (King of Gods) found out about King Elara’s fasting and provided rain only during the rainy season.

King Elara and The Chariot:
Once King Elara was riding his chariot near a Chetiya, (Buddhist temple structure) he happened to hit the Chetiya by accident. The King jumped out of the chariot and told his ministers to kill him. The ministers stated that “Jina (Lord Buddha) would not approve such an act”. King Elara asked what else he could do to rectify the damage. The ministers stated that if the King can repair the damage to the Chetiya that would be enough. King Elara repaired the damage to the Chetiya.

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2 Responses to “King Elara”

  1. Dr. Waldemar C. Saileron 29 Feb 2012 at 5:55 am

    See my www as noted.
    I may be the last living student of the late Dr. L. T. P. Manjusri. I worked at this temple in Bagan. It is one of few that have a date. This pictures are vajrayana in structure. The Lalitvavistara was very common – in use – in Old Bagan. A. D. 1044 to 1287.

    I think Dr. Hema has some article i don’t have. My work was FIELD work, locating the Buddha Footprints and attempting to read the symbols.

    I hope to give a lecture to the Royal Asiatic Society, for the second time. The first life member card disappeared and I funded it twice. Now silence.

    The jataka murals in this building carry almost all the illustrations as known on a Buddha Footprint attributed to Gotama. Who cares about that?

    Well, I hope i hear from someone.

    Dr. Sailer

  2. Dr. Waldemar C. Sailron 21 Mar 2012 at 1:59 am

    Koji Nishikawa 01

    1.See the Bulletin of The Lahore Museum. 1996/7. One short page on Buddha Footprints. Pictures in sideways.
    2.See the Bulletihn of The Lahore Museum, 1996/7. Gandhara Buddha footprint with only Pali data. Dve Barker is a Great editor. He can take text upside down – inside out, and make a rose out of it. The drawing by His Majesty’s artist, and also mine. Excellent work. He is dead and he was NOT a sex man.
    3.See Khan/UNESCO. He may have my nandiyavatta-vamsa.
    4.See the Art History Prof at the College of Arts. He taught in CAL for 20 years. His wife does psychology (great dahl cook). Daughter. He took me on a walk to check other flowers after he read my paper.
    5.He, and several others, were at the meeting for the Buddha Footprint exhibition of His Majesty. The government man’s name I can’t recall. Very nice chap.
    6.The owner of the building of Thai Airway was going to be a part of that program too.
    7.My effort to get data from Nana where the Footprint has the same data suffered the same way. There with my student from US. All disappeared.
    8.Kahn UNESCO is/was trustee Lahore Museum too. Daughter was mys student – Sofia/My Love Bug. He knows about my exhibition of Queen Sirikit. He arranged the Swat visits and the line drawing. I saw Swat after the exhibition.
    9.The Peshawar Museum, second floor had the Penis Show, which was not necessary. Dilip Kumar Thakur, Kolkata, go in everywhere. Clever boy! Lobbie Boy!
    10.She show in Nat. Museum, New Delhi, at the Gupta Room. I read Anna Marai’s text’s and she says that the symbol ended in the 4th or so century. So I checked Gupta and found nothing. The Amaravati Pada is in front of that gallery.
    11.Anna M did mention the flower twice but I objected to the fact that it was a Royal Cremation text. Apparently it meant nothing to her.
    12.Pali in Japan is not better. But some knew of it. One Japanese professor had the daughter of the Rangoon Un. As house guest. She saw my nandiyavatta-vamsa has his home in Japan. I don’t recall his name but are you from Tokyo?
    13.The Buddha Footprint Museum for His Majesty also went down the drain. I worked with advocate Gaeow in front of Dusit Palace, but that failed too. Great work. Her father, at that time, and I love to go out and eat at streams – all local food. I can’t recall her name but I was asked NOT to see her. Su…………………. something. Her father was a general.
    14.There was a local for the group to do this work. I found it too. What happened I don’t know.
    15.Well, the lady who used to dance for the King and Queen became principal of the College. She MAY have a copy too.
    16.There are so many people in Pakistan that had it.

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