King Siri Sangha Bo to Jetta Tissa: 238 AD – 263 AD

Siri Sangha Bo (238 AD – 240 AD)

After the death of Sangha Tissa, Siri Sangha Bo became the ruler. He was a very pious King, who conducted many meritorious deeds.

Devil Ratakki:
During King Siri Sangha Bo’s time period, red eye disease spread through the country. The disease was caused by a devil known as “Ratakki”. Many people died due to the disease. King Siri Sangha Bo lied on the ground and wished that he would not raise from the ground unless Ratakki come to him. As King wished, Ratakki the devil came to King Siri Sangha Bo. King asked the Ratakki to take him and save the people from the disease. Ratakki did not agree. Ratakki stated that he wants half the country. King said that’s impossible. Finally Ratakki agreed to accept offerings from each house every day.

Gothabhaya’s Rebellion:
During King Siri Sangha Bo’s time, his former friend, Gothabhaya started a rebellion against the King. Refusing to fight, King left the kingdom and Gothabhaya became the ruler.

Gothabhaya: (240 AD – 253 AD)

After King Siri Sangha Bo left the city, Gothabhaya became the new King. He was suspicious that Siri Sangha Bo would come back with an army. Gothabhaya promised to provide huge sum of money to anyone who would bring Siri Sangha Bo’s head.

Siri Sangha Bo Giving His Head to a Poor Man:
One day in the jungle, Siri Sangha Bo met a very poor man. King removed his head and gave it to the poor man so that he could claim the prize. The homeless man took the head to King Gothabhaya. King was not sure whether it belongs to Siri Sangha Bo. At this point, the head started to talk and confirmed that it is really Siri Sangha Bo and Gothabhaya should provide the promised prize to the poor man. King Gothabhaya gave the promised prize to the poor man.

King Gothabhaya renewed stone pillars at Lowa Maha Paaya.

(Author’s Note: Mahavamsa provides a detailed list of meritorious acts conducted by King Gothabhaya. He is the father of one of the greatest Kings of Lanka, King Mahasen).

King Githabhaya’s Two Sons: (Jetta Tissa and Mahasen):
King Gothabhaya had two sons. Jetta Tissa was the older son and Mahasen was the younger son. A Chola monk named Sanghamittha was the mentor of two young boys. Thera Sanghamittha was against Mahavihara (Theravadha) bhikkus. King Gothabhaya was closer to Thera Sanghamittha and obtained advice from him against the wishes of Mahavihara bhikkus. Two sons grew up under Sanghamittha. Bhikku Sanghamittha was more fond of Mahasen than Jetta Tissa. Due to this reason, older son Jetta Tissa was not happy with bhikku Sanghamittha.

Jetta Tissa: (253 AD – 263 AD)

After the death of Gothabhaya, Jetta Tissa became the King. Jetta Tissa was a cruel man. He had ministers of his father’s court killed during the funeral of King Gothabhaya and had the bodies impaled around the pyre. Bhikku Sanghamittha left the country, knowing that he was hated by Jetta Tissa..

King Jetta Tissa increased the Lowa Maha Paaya to seven stories. After King Jetta Tissa’s death, his brother, Mahasen became the ruler.

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