Kings of Sri Lanka 131AD to 238AD

Mahallaka Naga: (131 AD – 137 AD)

After King Gajabahuka Gamini’s death his father in law Mahallaka Naga (Old Naga) came to power. Mahallaka Naga constructed seven Viharas during his short time as the King.

Bhatika Tissa: (137 AD – 161 AD)

After the death of Mahallaka Naga, his son Bhatika Tissa became the ruler of the country. King Bhatika Tissa built a wall around Mahavihara. Further he built Randhakandaka reservoir and Mahamani reservoir.

Kanitta Tissaka: (161 AD – 179 AD)

After Bhatika Tissa’s death his son Kanittha Tissaka became the King of the country. Kanitta Tissaka ordered to restore the temple in Nagadheepa.

Kanittha Tissaka built houses for both Abhayagiri (Mahayana) and Mahavihara (Theravadha) bhikkus. He built a road to Dakkinavihara.

Construction of Madirigiriya Watadageya:

King Kanitta Tissaka built the Mandalagirika. (Mandalagirika is identified to be Watadage of Madirigiriya).

Kanittha Tissa conducted many meritorious acts and went to heaven after his death.

Kujja Naga: (179 AD – 181 AD)

After Kanittha Tissaka’s death his son Kujja Naga became the King of the country.

Kuncha Naga: (181 AD – 182 AD)

Kujja Naga was over powered by his brother Kuncha Naga and became the King of the country. After two years at the throne, Kuncha Naga was overthrown by the commander of his army, “Sirinaga”.

Sirinaga: (182 AD – 201 AD)

Sirinaga rebuilt the Lowa Maha Paaya to five stories.

(Author’s Note: Original Lowa Maha Paaya built by King Dutugamunu was nine stories high. The structure was destroyed due to a fire during King Saddha Tissa’s time. Saddha Tissa rebuilt it to seven stories. Now, many centuries later it was rebuilt to five stories by King Sirinaga)

Voharika Tissa: (201 AD – 223 AD)

After the death of King Sirinaga, his son Voharika Tissa became the ruler of the country. Voharika Tissa ruled the country with fairness to all. He provided state support to both Abhayagiri and Mahavihara bhikkus. King Voharika Tissa ruled for twenty two years.

Abhaya: (223 AD – 231 AD)

King Voharika Tissa was overpowered by his brother, Abhaya.

Sirinaga II: (231 AD – 233 AD)

After the death of Abhaya, King Voharika Tissa’s son Sirinaga became the King.

Vijaya Kumaraka: (233 AD – 234 AD)

After Sirinaga II, his son Vijaya Kumaraka came to power.

Story of Three Lambakannas: (Sirisanga Bo, Sangha Tissa and Gothabhaya):

Three men belonging to the Lambakanna ethnic group were walking towards the city. A blind fortune teller yelled out that he could hear foot steps of three future leaders of the country. At that time Gothabhaya was walking last and stopped near the blind fortune teller and asked him “Whose lineage would endure”. The fortune teller said that lineage of the person walking last would endure. Gothabhaya remembered blind man’s premonition. He was walking last.

Three men became highly acclaimed officials of the government of King Vijaya Kumaraka. Once they acquired enough power, they overpowered the King and captured the kingdom.

Sangha Tissa: (234 AD – 238 AD)

Sangha Tissa (one of the three friends) became the King after Vijaya Kumaraka.

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