War Between Two Brothers: Gamini (Dutugamunu) and Tissa

Prince Tissa came to the funeral of his father and took his mother, Vihara Maha Devi and the Royal Elephant Kandula to Dighavapi. Prince Dutugamunu arrived from Malaya country and became the King of Rohana. After consecrating as King, he sent a message to Prince Tissa to bring their mother and the Royal Elephant. Prince Tissa refused. Second and third messages were ignored by Prince Tissa. King Dutugamunu organized his army and went to meet Prince Tissa. Two brothers met in Chulaginiyapitti and King Dutugamunu suffered a devastating loss. Prince Tissa pursued King Dutugamunu but when he got closer, a huge mountain appeared in front of him. Prince Tissa thought that it was the work of Bhikkus. (Buddhist Monks).

Kandula Drops Prince Tissa:

King Dutugamunu came back to Rohana unharmed. After arriving Rohana, King Dutugamunu regrouped and built the army better than the last time. King Dutugamunu went to battle with Prince Tissa for the second time. Prince Tissa came to the battlefield on top of the Royal Elephant Kandula while King Dutugamunu came to the battlefield on top of a female horse. When they met, King Dutugamunu jumped over Kandula with his mare. Kandula was insulted. The elephant thought this insult was done to me because I have an inferior rider on top of me. He dropped Prince Tissa and went to meet King Dutugamunu, his old master. Prince Tissa decided to flee. King Dutugamunu pursued Prince Tissa. Prince Tissa ran away and hid under the bed of a Mahathera (Chief Buddhist monk). King Dutugamunu who was immediately behind Prince Tissa asked the Mahathera whether he saw Prince Tissa. The Mahathera stated that the Prince is not on top of the bed. King knew that Prince was hiding under the bed, and with respect to the Mahathera, left the temple.

King stayed outside the temple with his men for the Prince Tissa to come out. Mahathera decided to wrap Prince Tissa on sheets and sent him on top of other monks as if they were carrying a dead monk to the cemetery. King knew it was Prince Tissa that was wrapped as a dead monk and shouted “Tissa be ashamed to ride on top of monks. I am not plundering you from our guardians”. (referring to the monks).

(Author’s Note: According to the tradition, Prince Saddhatissa hid in Okkampitiya temple). Prince Tissa escaped and met a Bhikku named Godattha. The monk decided to make peace between two brothers. The monk took Prince Tissa to King Dutugamunu. Monk Godattha went to the King and stated that he brought Prince Tissa. King asked “Where is the traitor?”. Monk brought Prince Tissa. Seeing the Prince, mother Vihara Maha Devi jumped in front of the Prince and covered him. King Dutugamunu and Prince Tissa made peace with each other.

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